Our Engineers

Ahmed El Safty

BE(Chem), CEng, RPEQ, PDG Fin Mgt, MIChemE, MEIANZ, MIEAust, NER, APEC Engineer, IntPE(Aus)

Principal Engineer & CEO

Mr El Safty is the founding Director and the Company’s Principal Engineer with 37 years of experience in the energy sector. He is chartered with the Royal Institution of Chemical Engineers, registered with the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland and a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia.

With over 30 years of research and development experience in the energy sector in the USA, Saudi Arabia and Australia he has set up one of the world’s leading battery technology research facilities that employ 8 multi-disciplinary post-doctorate researchers who are supported by 14 engineers and scientists.


More recently, Mr El Safty has signed the Company to a Research Hub that incorporates 6 of Australia’s leading tertiary education and research institutions, together with 7 other corporations to further develop and commercialise energy storage technologies. As part of this research, the Company shall be developing the grid stabilization application of its Hybrid Graphene Battery and the development of Sodium based battery.

  • CSR R&D Engineer in Synthetic Fuel production;
  • Caltex Oil as fuel and lubricants engineer;
  • Applied Chemicals as a Petroleum Systems Engineer;
  • Environautics as the Principal Engineer and Managing Director;
  • His current position is Principal Engineer & CEO.


Some of the projects that Mr El Safty worked on include:

  • Warwick Land Holdings Pty Ltd, Design and construction of Solar PV and Powercap® energy storage system for grid stabilisation;
  • Hills College, Jimboomba Qld, Design and Construction of a Solar PV and Powercap® energy storage system;
  • Inghams Chickens, Wamuran Qld, Design and Construction of a Solar PV solar farm;
  • Al Arafaj Corp, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Design and construction of Solar PV and Powercap® energy storage system;

Dr Syed Raza

PhD (Chem), MSc (Mech), BE (Mech), MIEAust

Mechanical-Chemical Systems Engineer

Dr Raza is a very well-qualified Chemical and Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years of experience. Dr. Raza has a very thorough understanding of thermodynamics and thermodynamic processes at a bench-scale, pilot-scale and operational scale.

Dr Raza’s core competencies include;

  • Research and design development of thermodynamic systems;
  • Permeability measurement using Triaxial stress permeameter;
  • Measurement of: porosity; density and; pore size distribution using Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry;
  • Conducting proximate, ultimate analysis, calorimetry, petrographic analysis and Adsorption Isotherm;
  • Instrumentation assembly for transducers, regulators, strain gauges, ISCO pump;
  • LabView programming for data logging, controlling and monitoring of instruments;
  • Sample preparation and storage;
  • Flow network connections using Swagelok flow system;
  • Designing, manufacturing, and commissioning of equipment/apparatus;
  • Modeling and simulation using Matlab and Comsol;
  • Data analysis and technical report writing;
  • Effective communication, project presentation, staff and laboratory management;


Dr Raza is currently designing systems that incorporate:

  • Solar assisted gasification;
  • Rankine Cycle, Organic Rankine Cycle and Brayton Cycle turbines;
  • Carnot cycle energy conversion;
  • Hydrogen production using solar PV systems;

Assoc. Prof. Payam Mousavioun

PhD (Chem), MSc (Mech), BE (Chem), MIChemE

Mechanical-Chemical Systems Engineer

Dr. Mousavioun is a very well-qualified Chemical and Mechanical Engineer with an incredibly thorough understanding of thermodynamics and thermodynamic processes. As an innovative and quality-focused Systems Engineer with over 20 years’ experience managing engineering projects, Dr Mousavioun has exceptional core engineering skills that include;

  • System design, manufacturing and commissioning of renewable energy facilities, that incorporate generation, storage and back-up;
  • EPCM Project engineering, estimating, planning, procurement, construction and project control;
  • Biomass Processing and Lignin Extraction from Sugarcane Bagasse;
  • Project Engineering – delivering projects through full life cycle from concept to feasibility, design, execution and commissioning phases;
  • Research and design development of thermodynamic systems;
  • Systems simulation using CAD.


Dr Mousavioun is currently designing systems that incorporate:

  • Solar Assisted ethanol production;
  • Anaerobic Digestion;
  • Rankine Cycle, Organic Rankine Cycle and Brayton Cycle turbines;
  • Carnot cycle energy conversion;
  • Hydrogen production using solar PV systems;

Mr Dmitriy Bagino

BEng, MSc

Electrical/Electronic Design Engineer

Dmitriy has a strong background in Electronic Hardware Design Engineering. He is a qualified Electronics Engineer with extensive (18 years +) experience in embedded microcontroller systems, analogue / digital electronics, RF and power electronics. Dmitriy is also a professional Altium user.

Some of Dmitriy’s key skills/accomplishments include:

  • Experience in the design of electronic products from concept to manufacturing, complete electronic development life cycle
  • Architectural Design, Circuit Design, Schematic Capture, PCB Layouts, Simulation, Testing, and Prototype Assembly.
  • Exposure to a process-driven, highly regulated, design, development and manufacturing environment.
  • Wide electronics experience, from AC/DC converters to battery-powered high volume microcontroller-based embedded systems.
  • Sound knowledge of analogue, digital, power, and ultra-low power electronics.
  • High-speed digital design USB3, USB-C, Ethernet, SPI, LVDS, SDRAM, MMC, SATA, DDR, PCIe, graphical displays.
  • Ultra-low-power analog design, discrete transistor circuit design, temperature stable precision analog circuitry.
  • High voltage and high current measurements, high power MOSFETS, IGBTs, close/open loop Hall, shunt sensors.
  • Low-cost isolated AC/DC, DC/DC regulated and non-regulated converters.
  • Wireless designs implementations (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G/4G cellular, NBIoT/CAT-M1 LPWAN).
  • Industrial IIoT product development, industrial data and gas logging acquisition systems, gas sensors applications.
  • ANSYS/Ansoft HFSS 3D electromagnetic simulation for RF Antenna designs. External and integrated Antennas (monopole, balanced, ceramic chip, F-Antennas)..
  • Battery management systems, low voltage Li-Ion battery charging and solar application.
  • Intrinsic safety designs for equipment in gas explosive atmospheres.
  • Utilization of various temperature sensors and actuators, high power DC motor and fan control applications.
  • Optics, IR LEDs and miniature linear image sensors.
  • Product design with DFMEA, DFM, DFT, MTBF, HALT, HASS methodologies.
  • Embedded C/C# Firmware/Software Development.
  • Managing product compliance CE, FCC, RED, RCM, IECEx, ATEX.
  • PCB layouts and assembly of prototype units, professional Altium user, Solidworks experience.
  • Design calculation / Technical documentation
  • Functional, user and cost design considerations with regards to electronic design.
  • Research of low-temperature plasma interaction with metal surfaces. Synthesis of carbon fullerene structures and nano-particles, plasma diagnostics and spectroscopy.
  • Laser and optical signal measurement systems for researching of fast plasma physical processes.
  • Automated data acquisition and processing systems, creating mathematical models, computing and analysis
  • Author and presenter of four scientific publications including the Journal of Applied Spectroscopy (New-York).

Dr Xujun Chen

PhD (Chem), MSc (Chen), BE (Chem)

Developments & Design Engineer

Xujun is highly experienced in both the energy and mining industries. Throughout his career as a researcher, Xujun has contributed to several projects in the thermochemical utilization of biomass and biowaste. Xujun has published more than 20 papers in journals as an author and co-author via collaboration with many other researchers in Australia, Europe and China.

Xujun key skills include:

  • Biomass pre-treatment, processing and thermochemical utilization;
  • Characterization of biomass and the derived products, including gas, tar and char.
  • Research and design of novel reactors for biomass pyrolysis and gasification;
  • Nutrients recovery from biomass and biowaste;
  • The control of pollutant emission during thermochemical utilization of biomass and fossil fuel;


Dr. Ming Zhang

PhD & BE (Chemical Engineering)

Research and Development Engineer 

Dr. Ming is a skilled chemist with an in depth knowledge of geochemistry and pyrolysis. She has spent 7 years devoted to the production and characterization of oil fuels and 3 devoted to education.

Some of Dr. Ming’s key skills/accomplishments include:

  • Organic compositional analysis and fuel property characterization of bio-oil
  • Established a method for quantification of inorganic species in bioslurry fuels using IC and ICP-OES.
  • Developed novel fuel products using waste materials (i.e. biodiesel and bio-oil by-products).
  • Developed a new method for bio-oil separation
  • Projects on leaching behaviours in bioslurry systems; bed agglomeration and emission characteristics during pyrolysis and combustion of bio-oil based fuels.
  • Experience in modification of laboratory pyrolysis reactor system

Andrey Shchekin

Senior Software/Firmware Developer


Software Development Engineer with more than 20 years of commercial development experience. During that time has been involved into a variety of software development projects in various areas including telecommunications, enterprise applications, and embedded software development.

Some of Andrey’s key skills/accomplishments include:

  • Embedded software development for a variety of microcontrollers for industrial and automotive applications
  • Real-time applications development
  • Operating systems: General purpose: Microsoft Windows family (Win32 and .NET), Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat), Solaris; RTOS: FreeRTOS, On-Time
  • Bare-metal and hybrid (RTOS + bare-metal code) embedded applications
  • Low-level drivers’ development for embedded applications and general-purpose operating systems
  • OS-level software integration
  • Communications: Board-range: I2C, SPI, PCI-E; Local area: RS-232, RS-485, CAN, Ethernet, USB, WiFi, 1-Wire, BTClassic, BTLE, RFID; Wide area: 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G cellular networks
  • Communications (protocol stacks): TCP/IP, ISO X.25, SAE J1939, OBD-II (over CAN ISO 15031)
  • Data acquisition: Analog channels (ADC based), Digital channels (GPIO based), Network-based channels (see communications item above)
  • Industrial control applications development
  • Low power applications development
  • Enterprise & desktop software development
  • Programming languages: C, C++, Java
  • Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLLite, X-Bases
  • Designing software using object-oriented and structured programming approaches
  • Software development team leadership
  • In-depth knowledge of all aspects of the software development process

Dr. Jim Shentu

PhD(telecommunications), M.E.(Mechatronics), BE(Mechanical Engineering)

Senior Software/Firmware Developer


Dr. Jim Shentu is a senior embedded software engineer with over 20 years of experience. His expertise includes:

  • Communication protocols: RS232, RS485, RS422, IEEE802.11a, Bluetooth, CAN, etc.
  • Realtime operating systems: VxWorks, FreeRTOS, RT-Linux, PetaLinux, etc.
  • Hardware platforms: TMS320, MSP430, Zynq7000, Ultrascale, STM32, NXP17XX, etc.
  • Programming languages: C, C++, MatLab, JAVA, Python, etc.
  • DSP & algorithms: filtering, transforms, data processing, etc.
  • Development environment: Eclipse, Vitis, IAR Workbench, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, etc.

Dr. Naren Kumar

BE (Mech.), PGDip. (Adv. Mfg. Tech.), PhD (Mech. Design), RPEQ, RPEng., M.A.P.E.A

Senior Design and Development Engineer

Dr. Naren Kumar is highly qualified and well experienced Mechanical Design Engineer, Registered Professional Engineer (RPEng – APEA), RPEQ and RPEQ-Assessor.  Over the course of his 18-year career, he has developed his expertise along with a thorough understanding of mechanical design for heavy commercial combination vehicles (such as tankers, tow trucks, and truck trailers), as well as engineering, research, and development (R&D), risk management, compliance (V&V), design audit, and safety evaluations of mechanical systems in both the defence and commercial sectors. 

Some key engineering skills of Dr. Kumar span:

  • Design and optimisation of heavy commercial vehicles through in-depth engineering assessments in line with ADRs, NHVR, and PBS standards, supported by extensive FEA certifications, validations, and reporting.
  • Specialised in the mechanical design of heavy and Dangerous Goods carrying truck-trailers, tow trucks and tankers from concept through to production.
  • Defence Mechanical Systems Engineering supported by R&D i.a.w. International Military standards (MIL-STD, DEF-STAN & DEF(AUST)), and relevant AUSDEFCON regulations.
  • RPEng and RPEQ Assessor.
  • Computer-Aided Design, Engineering (aided by SolidWorks CAD, ANSYS FEA), and certification of heavy trailer drawbars, trailer dollies, chassis frames, tanker bodies, custom-designed heavy lifting equipment, material handling jibs and gantry cranes.
  • Detailed mechanical structural design expertise in developing Defence trucks, trailers, special air-water-road transportability and air-drop of laden Defence trailers.
  • US Department of Defence’s ‘Mobile Tactical Retail Refuelling System (MTRRS)’, and water tank-pump systems designer and patent contributor.
  • Advanced conceptual, CAD, mathematical and phenomenological modelling, analysis and solutions expert using dedicated software tools (SolidWorks, ANSYS, NASTRAN, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD & MATLAB).
  • Enhanced knowledge of PBS-based truck-trailer design, keeping pace with current and emerging technologies.
  • Specialised in hydraulic-powered construction machinery design (augers, brooms, trenchers, groundwater drill-rigs etc).
  • Continuous Professional Development through professional RPEQ skills and qualifications assessments, on-job learning with inter-disciplinary Subject-Matter-Experts interface, in addition to mentoring junior engineering staff.

Dr. Tania Parveen

MBA (Dip), BEng (Electrical & Renewable Energy), HND Electrical & Electronic

Electrical Engineer – Solar & Battery Design

7 years of significant experience in the Education sector, 7 years experience in research and development in power and power electronics, 5 years experience in Power Engineering and 1 year of experience in pure electronics. Proven track record in developing and maintaining efficient and productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders and demonstrated the ability to contribute to teams and classroom environments.

 My key skills and expertise include:

  • Designing, constructing, and evaluating prototypes by identifying key performance criteria, developing experimentation plans, and conducting tests.
  • Selection of materials and manufacturing methods.
  • Originating ideas, proposals, and support designs directed toward improving product quality.
  • Cost estimating future requirements of the experimental activities.
  • Engineering calculations and data analysis to develop innovative designs and products for enhancing mass production.
  • Mentoring, supervising, and directing new engineers.
  • Publishing and presenting laboratory investigations and engineering designs in high-ranking journals and technical conferences.
  • A high degree of proficiency in computer programming languages in C, FORTRAN and MATLAB and AREVA HABITAT systems.

Dr. Sabiha Akter Monny

Electrical Engineer (MIEAust) – Solar & Battery Design


Dr Sabiha is an experienced researcher in developing cutting-edge technologies in the field of energy conversion and storage proven by 16 peer-reviewed publications. Her research focused on renewable energy conversion, energy storage, nanomaterial synthesis & characterization, and electrochemistry. Her excellence in research has been demonstrated by high-quality publications, which resulted in more than 1700 citations, h-index 12, and i10-index 14 to date (Google Scholar, 2023). She pursued Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Hons.) from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN, Malaysia) Master of Engineering Science specializing in Renewable Energy Conversion from the University of Malaysia (UM, Malaysia) and PhD in designing semiconductor materials for photoelectrochemical energy conversion from University of Queensland (UQ, Australia). She has an emerging track record and international recognition for outstanding achievements evidenced by 10 awards, 3 international scholarships, and 1 Fellowship. Her expertise includes:


  • Design an experiment, plan or model that defines a problem, tests potential resolutions, and implements a solution.
  • Synthesis and modification of nanoparticles, data analysis, conducting tests, troubleshooting, testing electrochemical performance, ensuring quality control, and documenting and presenting experimental findings.
  • Characterization of materials using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and analysis of X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) derived images.
  • Handling of laboratory equipment e.g., UV-Vis spectrometer, solar simulator, Ivium potentiostat, electrochemical workstation, spin coater, muffle and tube furnaces, plasma cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner, rotary centrifuge etc.
  • Maintenance and preparation of standard operation procedure (SOP) for laboratory equipment.
  • Hands-on experience with redox flow batteries and commissioning large-scale iron flow batteries.
  • Secured significant amount of funding from both industry and Government sources by participating in grant applications as an industry partner in collaboration with universities.
  • Organize and communicate ideas effectively in oral presentations to small and large groups in conferences.